compiled.css not compiling

  1. 3 years ago


    30 Jul 2015 Administrator

    A bit of background. stylesheet.less (and all the imported files inside of it) get compiled into one file. Contained in this file is the rendered CSS with all the colour swatch and font swatch values in place.

    If you're having issues with compiled.css not working (you will see a 500 error in the Developer tools Network panel) here are a couple of suggestions to keep you going.

    • Currently, the validator doesn't pick up all LESS validation errors. We would suggest that you double check your less to see if there are some issues with missing variables or semi colons;
    • If you are using the BK Bootstrap (V1 templates) or BK LESS framework (V2 templates), you will need to make sure you have the either;
    • metadata.json with color swatch and font swatch data (see this doc's page about Advanced Metadata )
    • Just add these LESS variables to the top of your stylesheet.less file. Note that by doing so, the user can not change the values of these via the Editor, because they are hard coded.

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