Images not showing in TDK

  1. 2 years ago

    I'm trying to start creating my own template using TDK. I'm using this code to get the logo using the logo widget but it seems like I'm targeting the wrong directory of my images.

    I'm using this code:

    {{widget('logo', 'logo', {"defaultlogo": asset('images/logo.png')})|raw}}

    Hopefully someone can help me with this query.


  2. Marta Gonzalez

    21 Sep 2016 Administrator

    Hi bgbrillo,

    Thank you for your enquiry. The code you are using for the logo is correct. What directory are your images in?

    The image set in the logo widget should be in the template in the images folder ( )

    Kind Regards,


  3. Thanks for the reply Marta,

    The image logo is located inside my template under images folder.

    • template-name
    • images
    • logo.jpg

    I tried also to use the existing templates of the TDK but the images are also not showing with the template basekit-baseplate-v7

  4. Marta Gonzalez

    23 Sep 2016 Administrator

    Hi bgbrillo,

    Could you tell us what version of the TDK you are using? You can find this out in the TDK tool bar next to the BK icon.



  5. Hello Again Marta, I'm using the 7.87 version of TDK

  6. Marta Gonzalez

    23 Sep 2016 Administrator


    I’ve tested v7.87 of the TDK and the images are working fine for me, could you send us a zip file of your template so we can test it on our working TDK?

    You can send it to my email:



  7. Noted Marta, I'll send my template later.

    Marta can you check if this path of the image is correct. When i inspect the code my template using chrome, my image logo has this path "/index.php/template/my-first-basekit-template/images/logo.jpg"
    When i try to open the path to a new tab "http://localhost:81/index.php/template/my-first-basekit-template/images/logo.jpg" the link is broken maybe that's the reason why the image is not showing.

    Thanks Again

  8. dominic-hickey

    23 Sep 2016 Administrator


    Can I ask you to try another template in your TDK (in the '/templates' folder). E.g.

    Once you've installed (downloaded via zip or pulled from GitHub) the template, can you check if it is appearing correctly in your browser? I.e. are the site styles pulling through?


  9. Edited 2 years ago by bgbrillo

    Good day Dominic,

    I've already downloaded the template that you have recommended. I'll update you once I've tried it on my TDK.


  10. Hello Dominic,

    I've tried to use the template Atelier Develop and it doesn't also show the images of the template.

    I'm using MAMP by the way..

  11. richardhealy

    26 Sep 2016 Administrator

    Hi @bgbrillo,

    With your MAMP setup, the directory setup is pointing directly at the tdk/public directory? (I assume so because I can see the TDK is loading from your screenshot).

    The template should them be located at: tdk/templates/yourtemplatename/?

    Also, I've noticed that you've put: asset('images/logo.png') (note PNG), but mentioned that your file name is logo.jpg. Could this be the issue?

  12. Good day Richard,

    I've already updated the file type of my logo but the image is still not showing. This not only happening to the template that I am working on right now but also to any templates that I've tried to test on my TDK.

    Asset() functions are not also working properly as I've tried to add javascript file on my twig file. Same with images, if I view the page source and tried to copy the path of my image and javascript file it points to a wrong location (I think because the file link path seems to be broken).

    Is there anything I can do to know what's causing this problem?

  13. dominic-hickey

    28 Sep 2016 Administrator

    Hi @bgbrillo,

    Can you send over the network response (from the inspector) for the broken / missing image please?
    E.g .-image-

    Can you also email over the image you're trying to view please:


  14. Hi @bgbrillo,

    Can you click the red link (from the screenshot in your email) and let us know what it says (and send another screenshot)?

    Also, are you having any MAMP PHP errors (in the PHP logs) or and Apache log errors (in the apache logs) -these are accessible via MAMP interface.


  15. Hi @dominic-hickey

    Have you receive my email last October 12?


  16. dominic-hickey

    18 Oct 2016 Administrator

    Hi @bgbrillo,

    Sorry for the delay in response.

    The log files are documented to be in the MAMP directory: 'MAMP/logs/'.

    We'll need the PHP log file output.


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