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    Tue Sep 22 14:40:28 2015

    Hi @Yunfei, I'm afraid the current version of LESS within the BaseKit Editor does not support the extend function. Is there another way that you can achieve the desired result?

  2. Thu Sep 17 09:01:34 2015

    @peteping that is correct.

    <body class="{{ page.title|replace(' ', '-') }}"> should replace <body> at the top of the page, you should be able to find it in either the layout.twig file, or page type files (default.twig, blogpost.twig and so on).

  3. Thu Sep 17 08:57:47 2015

    Hi @peteping, I'm afraid you can't add external links into the navigation within the BaseKit editor. You'll need to add them in with a content widget or by adding them into the template.

  4. Wed Sep 16 09:40:12 2015

    Hi @peteping, the editor only allows the user to edit the background for all pages at once.

    To add a custom background to each page you could add a class to the body for each new page. Using <body class="{{ page.title|replace(' ', '-') }}"> would add a custom class to the body on each page that matches the page title, but removes any spaces within it.

    This would output something like:

    <body class="Page-Title">

    You could then apply a custom background using CSS, e.g:

    .Page-Title { background: #800020; }

    I hope this is a sufficient answer to your problem.

  5. Wed Sep 16 09:21:27 2015

    Hi @Yunfei, yes you can add a custom 404 page by creating a 404.twig file in your template. Check out the following for more information http://docs.basekit.com/templating/page-types/#page

  6. Tue Sep 15 09:17:24 2015

    Hi @ajvdhek, after some testing in the editor we have discovered that this is a bug, could you please raise a support ticket in Zendesk referencing this discussion.

    In an example test we attempted to add 3 different map widgets with 3 different locations using the following code http://docs.basekit.com/widgets/v2/map/

    The result was that all 3 map widgets would use the profile data, despite providing different address values and applying different IDs to the widgets. Upon selecting the widget in the UI it would show desired address in the left hand text field, but when saving this it would apply the same address to all 3 map widgets.

    Sorry that this isn't a direct solution, but I hope this has helped in some way.

  7. Fri Jun 5 14:10:28 2015

    @socoomac hey, you should be able to submit your site for Google to index by following this link https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url

  8. Tue May 19 09:12:43 2015

    @ajvdhek Hi there,

    If you scroll down on the CSS Tricks article there is an example called "Using negative margin" which will suit the BaseKit Editor better. Because there currently isn't a way to drag and drop custom code, or a way to create additional zone areas, the best way is to keep a snippet of HTML code for use with the content widget.

    Using the example shown you can add this to your template styles. Then whenever you want to use this design you can add a content widget, switch to the code view in the text editor, and paste the HTML into the content widget. If you're familiar with HTML & CSS you could even just add the class to the element you to be "full width". Plus you could add an inline background colour style of your choice.

    It isn't the most user friendly technique, but you'd probably have to do exactly the same thing in most other CMSs.

    I hope this helps!

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    Thu Nov 27 10:51:15 2014
    Dave posted in How do I get started.


    If contact our customer support they will be able to help you.

    Please follow this link and post your message. Someone will get back to you asap.


    All the best

  10. Thu Nov 27 10:50:16 2014
    Dave started the conversation How do I get started.

    Hi, I am a HostGator customer and used to use your services for my websites. They no longer support you and I was wondering how I can use you to design my sites?

    - davealanr

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