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    Thu Jul 2 19:09:36 2015
    cromag posted in IntlDateFormatter.

    I was able to resolve the problem. I copied all the icu*.dll files from the php folder into the apache/bin folder. I think the issue lies in wamp not writing the PATH variable for the php folder upon installation for some reason.

  2. Wed Jul 1 16:57:41 2015
    cromag posted in IntlDateFormatter.

    I'm not php guru so I'm not really sure what to be looking for but I think this is it..

    date/time support enabled
    "Olson" Timezone Database Version 2014.2
    Timezone Database internal
    Default timezone Europe/Paris

    Directive Local Value Master Value
    date.default_latitude 48.88778 48.88778
    date.default_longitude 2.31806 2.31806
    date.sunrise_zenith 90.583333 90.583333
    date.sunset_zenith 90.583333 90.583333
    date.timezone Europe/Paris Europe/Paris

    And there is no ; in front of extension=php_intl.dll in php.ini

  3. Wed Jul 1 16:12:08 2015
    cromag posted in IntlDateFormatter.

    The latest stable download available

  4. Wed Jul 1 16:08:16 2015
    cromag posted in IntlDateFormatter.

    Windows 8.1
    WampServer 2.5
    PHP 5.5.12
    Apache 2.4.9

    I thought maybe it was just wamp so I installed mamp for windows and all I got with mamp were blank pages after selecting the template.

  5. Wed Jul 1 15:02:15 2015
    cromag started the conversation IntlDateFormatter.

    Upon setting my webserver to the public directory and choosing the baseplate template, I get no admin bar and the following error is given at the very bottom of the page "Fatal error: Class 'IntlDateFormatter' not found in C:\tdk\library\BaseKit\Twig\Extension\Editor.php on line 263"

    However this php extension (php_intl) is enabled on the webserver. Any guidance would be appreciated.

  6. Tue Jun 30 21:14:11 2015
    cromag started the conversation Reset Password 404 Error.

    when trying to get a developer password reset, I received the email, however when I click on the link I get a 404 Error

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