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    Thu Aug 27 22:56:26 2015

    Thanks, Ivan.
    I guess that answers my question. :-)

  2. Mon Aug 24 21:16:05 2015

    Thank you for the answer, Ivan.

    It was just an idea, if it could work.

    I have a few customers, who use their web-site just for basic presentation - a short description and contacts, basically only 1 to 3 pages.
    Some of them have only 100 MB of space, so every MB counts.
    I think about using BaseKit for those quick pages, but I do not need to store the whole BK solution on the customers' space.

    If I could for example create multiple directories with BK locally and then export only the published directory to client's space, it would save space. Also, most of those clients don't really care about editing pages themselves, so they do not need the editing part of BK.

  3. Mon Aug 24 14:18:45 2015
    paal_k started the conversation Run BK on localhost, publish to Web.

    I wonder, if I can run BK site editor on localhost and then manually upload only the final published directory on my web (via FTP).
    This has 2 advantages.
    First - I don't need to change any access permissions on my web folders.
    Second - no one will have any access to the editor, so the only way to edit will be from my laptop.
    Thank you for answers!

  4. Sun Aug 23 19:26:30 2015
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