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    Wed Aug 26 12:56:32 2015

    Hello Paal,
    When BaseKit plan is purchased via your hosting provider it runs as a separate service which doesn't affect available space of your existing hosting plan.

    BaseKit is especially designed for creating and managing small sites.

    To prevent your customers from being able to access the editor, we can recommend that you would be the owner of all your customers' sites accounts.

    I hope this helps, feel free to ask any more questions.


  2. Mon Aug 24 16:07:59 2015

    Hello Paal,
    unfortunately BaseKit is not designed to be used as a static site generator. Sites need BaseKit to run as expected.

    We are afraid it's not possible to run BaseKit editor locally, but we provide Template Development Kit that runs locally. This is however used for template developing and not for content creation.

    We have a single user access to the editor, so if your password is safe, only you can access it.

    Can you please provide us with more information about your needs?


  3. Mon Aug 24 12:34:01 2015

    Hello Adriaan,
    sorry to hear you are having troubles. Our developers are investigating the issue at the moment. I will let you know once the issue is sorted out.


  4. Mon Aug 24 11:54:54 2015
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