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    Wed Sep 23 15:16:54 2015

    Hi @Dave , Yes. I can achieve it. I'm just curious about the compatibility with the LESS syntax. I think it's good to know which LESS version that Basekit used to avoid some potential issue.

    Thanks for your reply.

  2. Tue Sep 22 09:35:28 2015
    Yunfei started the conversation What's the LESS versions in Basekit.


    I would like to use "Extend" when I write LESS, but as far as I know "Extend" Released in LESS v1.4.0 version. So I start to think about which LESS version that basekit integrat. I couldn't find any information about the LESS version, only the Basekit Release notes.

    Does any one knows?


  3. Tue Sep 15 16:33:48 2015
    Yunfei started the conversation How to Customize 404 page?.

    Is there any way to have a custom 404 page?

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