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    Thu Sep 17 18:55:45 2015

    thanks :)

  2. Thu Sep 17 06:33:09 2015

    Hi Dave,

    Can you create an external link from the site's navigation? If so, how is this possible.

    i.e. I need to create external links from the navigation (as have a site with another site running off a subdomain).



  3. Thu Sep 17 06:28:39 2015

    Hi Dave,

    I presume i add .Page-Title { background: #800020; } to theme.less

    Where do I add <body class="{{ page.title|replace(' ', '-') }}">


  4. Wed Sep 16 12:21:49 2015

    Yes. Thanks :)

  5. Wed Sep 16 06:20:44 2015

    Or even just some with an image for a background and some will a color or gradient for the background?

  6. Wed Sep 16 06:16:54 2015
    peteping started the conversation Different backgrounds for different pages.

    Hello, how can we have different background images for different pages?

  7. Mon Sep 14 16:30:51 2015

    This is great. Thanks Richard. Would this URL work if this issue happened again in the future when editing code in dev mode within the browser - this URL will enable me to edit?


  8. Mon Sep 14 15:42:28 2015
    peteping started the conversation home.twig edited & now cannot use site.

    Hello. I have edited home.twig, however now when logging back in i cannot access any tools to alter the site in anyway. I need someone to reset the site please.

  9. Mon Sep 14 15:38:08 2015
    peteping joined the forum.