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    Fri Feb 26 07:39:24 2016
    RandyCompetente started the conversation Domain Switching.

    Hi Basekit,
    I have a domain www.megaworldcorp.asia and I want to integrate it to my existing premium basekit website builder. The Basekit website builder is not purchased from basekit. I bought it from one of Basekit retailer, Domains.Asia. Is it possible to switch domain? Thank you and looking forward for help

  2. Wed Feb 24 05:45:42 2016
    RandyCompetente started the conversation Basekit Website can not be access.

    Hi, I am having problem with accessing my website for www.randycompetente.asia , every time I am attempting to access my website to edit it thru my acct in .Asia it always directs me to this page www.bk-partners1.co.uk/holding

    Its been 3 days now that my website is inactive and cannot be access. pls some one help me pls

  3. 3 years ago
    Sat Nov 28 12:13:58 2015

    I purchased a basekit website builder from Domains.Asia. But there are some templates that are not included in my purchase. Can someone help me how can I get additional basekit templates such as balkan, odense etc.

    I would so much appreciate. Thank you

  4. Fri Nov 6 09:47:36 2015
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