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    Thu Nov 27 10:49:03 2014
    Dave posted in Data tag for site title.

    The data properties I believe you are after are the following:

    • {{page.title}} as each page can have a different title.
    • {{site.primaryDomain}} gives you the domain that is set to the primary domain on the site.

    More information can found here:


  2. Thu Nov 27 10:48:32 2014
    Dave started the conversation Data tag for site title.

    Is there a data tag to represent the site title? Something like


    is what I'm after.

    Likewise, is there one for the domain {{site.domain}} ?


    - charliefortune

  3. Thu Nov 27 10:46:33 2014

    Hi @charliefortune,

    stylesheet.less is a required file within a template - without it you are not able to upload the template into the BaseKit editor.

    If you wish to move the styles into another file you could always use a regular LESS include, e.g:

    @import "@{templateLocal}/css/filename.less”;

    Let us know how you got on.

  4. Thu Nov 27 10:45:38 2014
    Dave started the conversation Is stylesheet.less included automatically.

    Is stylesheet.less included in the template automatically, through one of the twig tags perhaps?

    Looking at the templates on github (i.e https://github.com/basekit-templates/monday ) I can see the .less file, but not the tag to include it, so I am assuming this happens through one of the widgets, like;

    {% include basekit.headScript %}

    is this correct, or do I have to include it explicitly?


    - charliefortune

  5. Thu Nov 27 10:43:58 2014

    Currently, the best way for setting up sites for users is to create an account via:


    It is best that you use an email and password that is safe for them to use also so they can login and edit their site. It will also mean that when you come to pass over the site to a user, the account can be easily transferred over to them.

    We are looking at plans to extend the product to deal with `central developer accounts` and `site level editor accounts`. If we generate enough traction for this request, we will place it on our road map.

  6. Thu Nov 27 10:42:35 2014


    Currently this is exactly how it would work. It would be a one site /
    one account holder policy for simplicity. You would have to change the
    username and password to the end user, so they have access.

    We have coming on our road map:

    • site transfers to a different users
    • multi account access to a single site

    Until then, you will have to change the account details to the user's
    email address so they have access.

  7. Thu Nov 27 10:41:40 2014

    Hello, I also would like to create websites for clients. I have a developer account. If I well understood your answer, I have to change my email and password by the email and password of my client ? How can I access the website after if any modification to be done ? Could you explain what is the aim of having a developer account if we cannot manage various clients inside, I am not sure to understand ? Thanks for your feedback. Xav

    - xavxav

  8. Thu Nov 27 10:40:21 2014

    Hi @Schezarnie,

    You can have as many developer accounts as you want. The only the only
    cost comes when you add a custom domain to the account; you will then
    upgrade to the package you want.

  9. Thu Nov 27 10:39:23 2014


    I had more or less the same question. So I take it that if we need to build websites for multiple clients, we can create a developer account, build a custom site, set CRM controls and then have the customer opt in for a basekit package (I believe there are three) and select our template. Is that how it works?

    How many templates can we build with a single developer account? And also what is the pricing like (I know we can sign up for a free account, but just checking if there are any additional costs involved).


    - Schezarnie

  10. Thu Nov 27 10:37:39 2014
    Dave started the conversation Building Sites for customers.

    Hi, How is it best to set up an account so I can design and build sites for various clients? As I want clients to be able to edit their own sites…

    - 1960creative

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