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    Wed Oct 19 09:27:53 2016
    dominic-hickey posted in Basekit Site - Backup?.

    Hi @SFVNC,

    This is a support issue, would you mind creating a ticket on our support platform, Zendesk .

    Dominic Hickey

  2. Tue Oct 18 08:53:57 2016
    dominic-hickey posted in Images not showing in TDK.

    Hi @bgbrillo,

    Sorry for the delay in response.

    The log files are documented to be in the MAMP directory: 'MAMP/logs/'.

    We'll need the PHP log file output.


  3. Tue Oct 4 10:45:49 2016
    dominic-hickey posted in Images not showing in TDK.

    Hi @bgbrillo,

    Can you click the red link (from the screenshot in your email) and let us know what it says (and send another screenshot)?

    Also, are you having any MAMP PHP errors (in the PHP logs) or and Apache log errors (in the apache logs) -these are accessible via MAMP interface.


  4. Wed Sep 28 13:28:51 2016
    dominic-hickey posted in Images not showing in TDK.

    Hi @bgbrillo,

    Can you send over the network response (from the inspector) for the broken / missing image please?
    E.g .-image-

    Can you also email over the image you're trying to view please:


  5. Fri Sep 23 13:01:53 2016
    dominic-hickey posted in Images not showing in TDK.


    Can I ask you to try another template in your TDK (in the '/templates' folder). E.g.

    Once you've installed (downloaded via zip or pulled from GitHub) the template, can you check if it is appearing correctly in your browser? I.e. are the site styles pulling through?


  6. 3 years ago
    Wed Aug 26 11:53:02 2015
    dominic-hickey posted in Linking in slider and gallery.

    Hi Adriaan,

    We have an open development ticket for this issue - which will initially address 'the ability to add a link to the slideshow widget'. We are hoping for the ticket to be implemented in time for our v8 product release, however, it is likely that it will appear in a subsequent sub-release (once the core UI / features are rolled out). I will keep you informed!

    In the meantime, unfortunately, there is no easy way to add links to a gallery unless it is hard-coded into the template (and updated manually).

    One way around it would be to use a carousel plugin such as Owl Carousel - and add an image widget into each slide (as the widget has the ability to link to another page). Something like Wales News but with full width images.

    Also, thought it might be worth mentioning our blog post on 'How to create custom image galleries and sliders with BaseKit '. In a nutshell this tutorial explains how to manipulate the 'manage albums' section so a user is able to add their own images to a custom slideshow (not using the widget itself). It doesn't however solve the 'link' issue we're talking about here.

    Here are some example sites that have used the custom image gallery data:

    Wales News Pictures
    James Michael Gallery

    If you need any help give me a shout!


  7. Tue May 19 10:02:22 2015
    dominic-hickey posted in Full width horizontal bars.

    @ajvdhek Hi,

    Can I ask if you are developing this template for an end-user (who will be manually editing the template) - or is it a custom, stand-alone template / website?


  8. Wed Feb 25 10:54:03 2015
    dominic-hickey started the conversation Can I add .mp4 or movie files to a BaseKit theme?.

    I'm looking to add a video to a theme I'm working on - is this possible without hosting the file somewhere first?

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