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    Wed Feb 17 17:34:43 2016

    It looks like that if there is an error in the twig save fails.

    If in a feature widget the background is set with:
    and we change it into
    url(http://www.x.nl/image.jpg ) <- incorrect parameter for the widget

    We are not able to save it. But with "http://www.x.nl/image.jpg" it works.

    So it looks like the unable to save error actually means: you have an error in the syntax of your twig

  2. Wed Feb 17 16:32:18 2016

    Unfortunately we are still experiencing the issue... (or maybe again) If we remove the content from default.twig, save works. If we fill the file even with 1 line, the error occurs.

    This also happens with default.twig that is not inside a directory.

  3. Tue Dec 22 11:49:48 2015

    Great! thank you

  4. Thu Dec 17 22:30:45 2015

    Via developer mode you can change less, css, twig, etc files. Save works ONLY if the file is in the root of the package. If in a directory, you will get an error that it is not possible to save changes.

    This limits the functionality of the developer mode :(
    Workaround = download zip, change, upload zip.

    I hope it will be fixed some day.

  5. 3 years ago
    Tue Sep 15 07:17:44 2015
    ajvdhek started the conversation Address in map widget not working.

    I found out there is a hidden parameter in the clicktocall widget called phoneNumber! Great. So now I can use 3 different phonenumbers for 3 locations.
    I want the same with maps, 3 maps for 3 different locations on the contact page.
    But the map widget is ignoring the content of the "address" field. It always assumes that it is set to "profile". It would be so great if that could be filled with an address.

    Here is my code? I there an other way to fix it?

          <div class="responsivecolumns">
              <div class="column columns-three-left">
         {{widget('content', 'contactcolumn1content1', {"content":"<h3>Aliquam Sodales</h3>"})|raw}}
          {{widget('clicktocall', 'contactcolumn1phone1', {"phoneNumber":"035-11111111", "phoneText":"tel: 035-11111111"})|raw}}
           {{widget('content', 'contactcolumn1content1', {"content":"<h3>Aliquam Sodales</h3>"})|raw}}
           {{widget('map', 'googlemaps1', {
        'height': '250',
        'zoom': '15',
        'address':'Koninginneweg 6a Hilversum'
      <div class="column columns-three-middle">
           {{widget('content', 'contactcolumn1content2', {"content":"<h3>Aliquam Sodales</h3>"})|raw}}
          {{widget('clicktocall', 'contactcolumn1phone2', {"phoneNumber":"035-22222222", "phoneText":"tel: 035-22222222"})|raw}}
           {{widget('content', 'contactcolumn1content2', {"content":"<h3>Aliquam Sodales</h3>"})|raw}}
           {{widget('map', 'googlemaps2', {
        'height': '150',
        'zoom': '15',
        'address': 'Fransestraat 23 Ameide'
      <div class="column columns-three-right">
           {{widget('content', 'contactcolumn1content3', {"content":"<h3>Aliquam Sodales</h3>"})|raw}}
          {{widget('clicktocall', 'contactcolumn1phone3', {"phoneNumber":"035-33333333", "phoneText":"tel: 035-333333"})|raw}}
           {{widget('content', 'contactcolumn1content3', {"content":"<h3>Aliquam Sodales</h3>"})|raw}}
           {{widget('map', 'googlemaps3', {
        'height': '150',
        'zoom': '15',
        'address': '1321 NC'
  6. Mon Aug 24 16:21:58 2015
    ajvdhek started the conversation Linking in slider and gallery.

    I've spent all day today to implement a 3rd party slider/carousel in basekit because the image gallery and the slide show both lack the ability to link to a page. The widgets just increase the size of the picture. I've tried 7 different ones, they all have their pros and cons. I would prefer the basekit standard one.

    In my opinion the prupose of a slider or image gallery is not to decorate but to call to action. It would make me very very very happy if basekit would add a field called link (url is already taken for the URL of the image) so when you click on an image, you follow the link.

    Quite a few templates have the gallery as main component on the home page, but all the user can do is zoom the images. We want actions! ;-)

  7. Mon Aug 24 15:47:36 2015

    Thanks, that explains. I already created a ticket, but they closed it and they pointed me here as there is no support for developer mode ;-)

    I now hear the song "The circle of life...." (elton john)

    I created a follow up ticket so that probably will now be looked at.

  8. Mon Aug 24 06:46:51 2015
    ajvdhek started the conversation Trick: animated blocks.

    I played a bit with animation and maybe this can help somebody that also wants animation when scrolling down on the page:

    Put this on your page or in your template

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="http://daneden.github.io/animate.css/animate.min.css">
    <script src="http://mynameismatthieu.com/WOW/dist/wow.min.js">
      new WOW().init();

    The first part is a library of animations. The WOW script only activates the animations when you scroll.

    And then in your template you can do things like:

    <div class="wow animated fadeInUp">{{widget('content', 'welcome', {})|raw}}</div>

    More info and demo: http://daneden.github.io/animate.css/

    I hope this helps

  9. Mon Aug 24 06:40:00 2015
    ajvdhek started the conversation Unable to write in the /home/basekit/uploads/....


    I get this

    Error: Unable to write in the /home/basekit/uploads/templates/7ad63efd555aa4d696459bf14ae0043d directory\n

    I've uploaded a new template, didn't help, I can't change the content of the template without getting this error. This must be something account specific as in other accounts I can change it via the inline template editor.

    Maybe this error is caused by the fact that I used custom templates before it was implemented as an inline editor.

    I hope you can fix this.



  10. Tue May 19 06:26:19 2015
    ajvdhek posted in Full width horizontal bars.

    Thanks for the swift reply Richard!

    I can see the point in your argument. So that leaves me with the option to set the background of specific placeholders, for example via an ID.

    I'm now testing with something like this:

    I set the wrapper to use the full screen width

    .wrapper {
        width: 100%;

    I set the color to a specific bar of content (which is a 2 column layout)


    This sets the background of the 2 columns to red. Now the remaining problem is how to get the content in the middle on large screens (so margins/padding). If I set margin, the red isn't full width any more.

    After some serious tweaking I managed to get it working for my page:

    I removed the 5% left and right margin from the wrapper

    .wrapper {
        width: 100%;
        margin: 0;

    And I added it to the containers that hold widgets, content, the menu or the logo. Then I set a gray background to specific bars on the page.

    .logo, .content,
       padding: 0 10% !important;
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