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  1. 3 years ago
    Wed Oct 7 10:57:59 2015
    richardhealy posted in "developer mode" activation request.

    Hi Jérémie,

    I will speak to the account manager here to talk you how to get this turned on in the Gandi environment. We will be in touch shortly.

  2. Tue Sep 15 09:13:16 2015
    richardhealy started the conversation Adding different feature widgets to multiple pages.

    As the feature / hero unit widget is not a drag and droppable widget, you will have to add it to the twig file. This link will help you do this:

    If you want a different image on every other page then you will have to do the following.

    1.For every page you want a different feature image, you will have to create a new page type . i.e. for /contact-us you can create a file called contact.twig (initially copied from default.twig)

    1. Add the feature widget in the code of contact.twig, make sure you use a unique id for the widget, like contact-feature
    2. Add contact to the pageTypes in metadata.json (see Advanced Metadata ).
    3. In the page settings, via the Page Types drop down, you can should be able to select contact. This means that the page will start to use contact.twig for the page HTML. From here you should be able to see the feature widget and change it’s settings.
  3. Mon Sep 14 17:06:51 2015

    It will allow you to change the template. And then you should be able to edit your site.

  4. Mon Sep 14 16:18:13 2015

    Hi Pete,

    An update for you. If you login to your site and go to:

    You will be able to change template or go to the Manage > Custom templates to re-upload your fixes.

    Good news. We have fixed the broken editor issues in version 66.

  5. Mon Sep 14 15:58:16 2015

    He Pete,

    Which environment are you on? I can tell you the URL to go to for the template picker. Then you can change your template without having to reset your site.

  6. Mon Aug 24 12:42:04 2015

    Hi Adriaan,

    I believe this is a bug in BaseKit that will be fixed in 7.65. In 7.64 we have a new error message that will say 'There is a problem saving this file'.

    If this issue needs fixing right now for your environment, raise a ticket on ZenDesk and the Pirate team will look at getting fixed for you asap.

  7. Thu Jul 30 13:20:25 2015
    richardhealy started the conversation compiled.css not compiling.

    A bit of background. stylesheet.less (and all the imported files inside of it) get compiled into one file. Contained in this file is the rendered CSS with all the colour swatch and font swatch values in place.

    If you're having issues with compiled.css not working (you will see a 500 error in the Developer tools Network panel) here are a couple of suggestions to keep you going.

    • Currently, the validator doesn't pick up all LESS validation errors. We would suggest that you double check your less to see if there are some issues with missing variables or semi colons;
    • If you are using the BK Bootstrap (V1 templates) or BK LESS framework (V2 templates), you will need to make sure you have the either;
    • metadata.json with color swatch and font swatch data (see this doc's page about Advanced Metadata )
    • Just add these LESS variables to the top of your stylesheet.less file. Note that by doing so, the user can not change the values of these via the Editor, because they are hard coded.
  8. Fri Jul 3 11:38:29 2015
    richardhealy posted in Reset Password 404 Error.

    This was resolved. Thank you for highlighting the bug.

  9. Thu Jul 2 10:55:28 2015
    richardhealy posted in IntlDateFormatter.

    I tried on

    • Windows 7
    • Apache 2.4.9
    • Wamp 2.5
    • PHP 5.5.12

    Out of the box everything seemed to work fine.

    In the Wamp settings (icon in the toolbar) I went to PHP > PHP extensions and I could see php_intl was checked.

    Another point to make is that the Template Viewer needs to be installed in the top level of your localhost. It will always use http://localhost/ (so it doesn't work in a folder like http://localhost/tdk/).

    Let me know if you are still having issues.

  10. Thu Jul 2 08:59:32 2015
    richardhealy posted in Cannot sign up.

    I've hunted down the bug. This should be fixed now. Thanks for letting us know.

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